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Contact me to discuss how we can assist you in establishing your Wyoming Private Trust Company so you can be assured of Trust compliance for your Abundance Group Trusts into the Future.


Concierge Service

Our Concierge Done For You Service includes all of our services to establish and run your WY PTC.

Wyoming PTC Application

We will work with our lawyers to set up your WY PTC in compliance with WY laws.. Wyoming PTC Application

Shelf Corporation Acquisition​

We can provide you an established shelf company to expedite your PTC operations.

Asset Conveyance

We are positioned to provide you support in conveying all of your assets so that you can have peace of mind that it is done correctly.

Ongoing Management

We can support you in filing reports, meeting minutes, or any of the various PTC management functions you need.

How I Can Help

Engaging a Professional Manager for your
Wyoming Private Trust Corporations
can simplify a Trustee's administration tasks.

Many people who desire a Wyoming Private Trust Company have never administered their own trust before, much less their own private trust company. For that reason, we are here to support you in establishing your Wyoming PTC by providing you with experienced administrative services.

Done For You Concierge Services

Our Concierge Done For You Service includes all of our services to establish and run your WY PTC

Performing Management Services on a Fee For Services Base

Submitting a Wyoming PTC Application, Getting your Corporation Registered, Compying with Wyoming State Laws, Expediting your PTC acceptance, conveying assets legally and operations, and doing document compliance reviews are some of the individual services we can provide for yor Abundance Group Trusts.

"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."
– Henry Ford

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An avid Real Estate Investor, prior owner of a Management Consulting Company and a client of the Abundance Group Trusts.

As a Real Estate Investor, prior owner of a Management Consulting Company, and a current Trust client of Abundance Group, I am uniquely positioned to work with clients that need management support to accomplish their generational wealth and asset protection goals. I am confident that we can work together to accomplish full compliance for protecting your assets and growing your portfolio.

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