Belgrove Management Services

Belgrove Management Specializes in
Managing Private Trust Companies for
Abundance Group Clients

When a PTC May Make Sense

You should consider opening a PTC and hiring a Manager to operate it?


• When you own complex assets in trust, such as operating businesses, real property, concentrated positions, or alternative investments, the PTC can manage assets that traditional trustees may find impracticable.
• The PTC may more efficiently govern complexity arising from multiple
or complex structures by separating the different fiduciary tasks and
allocating each to a party with the requisite expertise Succession planning.
• As a business entity, the PTC enjoys a perpetual lifespan, streamlining
succession planning and implementation.

• The PTC benefits from economies of scale and may therefore be more
cost effective than traditional trustees as it lacks profit motivation.

• As a corporate structure, the PTC structure limits the liability assumed by participants.
• Knowledgable and Trusted managers are able to participate in a PTC when with no fiduciary obligations that require SEC oversight.


How We Can Help

Engaging us as your
Professional Manager for your
Wyoming Private Trust Corporations
can simplify your role as Trustee' in performing legal administrative tasks.

Did You Know?

Many people who desire a Wyoming Private Trust Company have never administered their own trust before, much less their own private trust company. For that reason, we are here to support you in establishing your Wyoming PTC by providing you with experienced administrative services.

Why A Private Trust Company

A Private Family Trust Company gives control of family assets back to the family. Belgrove Management streamlines the administrative side of the process, letting you focus on investing, and making decisions concerning your wealth.

Private Trust Company allows Integration

A PTC is easily assimilated with other family entities including a Family Office, an operating company, a philanthropic organization, or other outside product advisers.

Private Trust Company allows Consolidation:

A PTC can collect any number of family trusts under one umbrella as well as hold additional family assets.

Private Trust Company provides Cost Savings

Over the life of a trust, by consolidating family assets under the management of one company, unnecessary and duplicative costs and effort can be minimized. Tax Benefits include the fact that Wyoming assesses no state income tax on individuals, corporations, or trusts, thus minimizing the erosion of trust principal.

Our Services Encompass

Concierge Service

Our Concierge Done For You Service includes all of our services at one set price to establish and run your WY PTC. This includes the initial consultation, online portal for all of your documents and information, application for your WY PTC, all set up for Wyoming compliance, acquisition of Shelf Corporations, a defined set of Asset Conveyances, A thorough review of Trust documents, and ongoing compliance checks. We coordinate with your Abundance Group Trust Advisor to ensure all changes are implemented timely.

This also included one year of Ongoing Management Support that can be renewed annually after the initial year.

Ongoing Management Support

• Maintenance of a corporate minute book or other original documents
• “Reminders” for your Wyoming Private Trust Company’s annual corporate meetings, and preparation of annual meeting minutes
• Set up and maintenance of a local checking account and/or safe deposit box for your Wyoming Private Trust Company
• Coordination with any Wyoming service providers including those involved in asset custodianship, accounting, legal, investment advisory, and insurance matters
• Forwarding with any Wyoming Private Trust Company mail delivered to Wyoming.
• Secure Online maintenance of documents for your Wyoming Private Trust Company

Initial Consultation

We will work with you to understand your needs and determine how we can assist your in obtaining a structure that meets your needs and provides you a means to accomplish your goals.

Wyoming PTC Application

We will work with our lawyers to set up your WY PTC in compliance with WY laws. This will include the needed registered agent and office locations within Wyoming.

Shelf Corporation Acquisition​

We can facilate the expedition of getting your PTC operational through the proper selection and purchase of an established shelf company in Wyoming.

Asset Conveyance

Our manager will execute all supporting documents in conveying all of your assets to the appropriate structure so that you can have the maximum protection and the peace of mind from unwanted lawsuits.

Documentation Review

Our manager will review all of your Trust documentation and provide guidance for what legally needs to be corrected and/or executed. A plan will be developed to address any deficiencies so that your PTC operations will not be affected.

Compliance Check

Our manager will work with the Wyoming lawyers to ensure that your PTC is in compliance with Wyoming Laws and work with you to ensure that all obligations are properly scheduled so that you can have peace of mind that it is done correctly.