Aiming to Be the Best

An overview of the Management Experience that is being provided to support your Trust management. 

The values we live by

- Committed to delivering the best
- Honest and Transparent services
- We care for your Trusts just like ours
- We keep learning and adapting new technologies


We implement the latest technology to Improve your Customer Experience. We provide Clients with a secure portal that supports a one-stop real time service to upload files, sign contracts, send messages, access dashboards, make payments, and more. This streamlines our processes and integrate security to protect your information.


Our management consulting expertise provides us with the tools, mindset, and dedication to ensure your customer experience is exceptional. Our high performance organization strives to ensure all timelines are realistic and met.


Our system focus ensures that your PTC information is properly documented and legally executed. All of your documents will be in one place fully executed so you can access them when needed.


We work with you and your Trust Advisor to ensure that you are operating effectively. Our system focus ensures that your PTC information is properly documented and legally executed. All of your documents will be in one place fully executed so you can access them when needed.


Throughout my career as a project manager and owner of a management consulting company, I have consistently exceeded expectations in delivering measurable results to my clients. 

In your previous role with the Medicare Organization, I led a team of 10 consultants to successfully overhaul Customer Service operations at Medicare call centers resulting in measurable standards for access, quality, and customer satisfaction for beneficiaries that improved cost efficiency, customer service delivery, and oversight. 

In my management consulting company we strived to development of a new processes for several project management initiatives for several Federal Agencies and the Military. 

In my current role at Alliance Property Holdings, I work with real estate operators to acquire properties that provide above average passive income to my investors. I have organized many companies in my tenure and am happy to work with you to support your Family Office with the Abundance Group Family.

Management Experience

  • Engineer and MBA by Education
  • Prior Federal Program Manager
  • Owner Management Consulting
  • Prior Insurance And Securities Agent
  • Current Owner of a Real Estate Investment Company


Wyoming is frequently recognized as a top jurisdiction for locating trust and business assets. Its low population and individualistic culture have created a generally “hands off” regulatory environment that is conducive to the efficient and flexible trust administration and business operations. At the same time, the state
offers many desirable features of a sophisticated trust jurisdiction, including a responsive legislature and court system, talented legal and accounting professionals and financial institutions (including chartered and unregulated trust companies) with both national and international clientele.

The choice of jurisdiction for trust situs is an often overlooked aspect of trust planning and administration. Nevertheless, trust situs is often the most important factor for trust planning and administration. Driven by advantageous tax and trust laws, Wyoming has emerged as a leading choice for trust situs especially through the use of Wyoming private trust companies.

The PFTC is a business entity organized to provide fiduciary services to a family, which is broadly defined to include multiple generations and branches of an individual family. The PFTC combines the structure and benefits of a corporate trustee with the flexibility of allowing trusted advisors and family members to participate in PFTC operation and trust governance, as appropriate and consistent with tax objectives. It also allows the family or its trusts to own the trust company that serves as trustee of its family trusts.

• For families that own complex assets in trust, such as operating businesses, real property, concentrated positions, or alternative investments, the PTC Board and Investment Committee can manage assets that traditional trustees may find impracticable.

• As a business entity, the PTC enjoys a perpetual lifespan, streamlining succession planning and implementation.

• Families may enjoy more control through the ability to select each member of the PTC structure, including the manager, board of directors, officers, and committee members


  • No income tax on individuals
  • No income tax on trusts
  • No income tax on corporations or other business entities

Trust Laws:

  • Uniform Trust Code
  • 1,000 year perpetuity period
  • Directed trustee protections
  • Purpose trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Nonjudicial Modification
  • Extremely responsive and efficient court system

Our Focus is to simplify your Trust Management

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